The aim is to re-metabolize and redesign the city downtown as a new cultural center surrounded by the developed green infrastructure. The presented issue is based on two different scenarios for the design process and implementation: The Cultural District Scenario & The Greenery Network Scenario.

Project realized within Information Processes in Urban Planning course during the master program in architecture at Warsaw University of Technology in Poland.
Authors: inż. arch. Joanna Ogińska, inż. arch. Beata Pająk, inż. arch. Paulina Rodzeń      Tutors: dr inż. arch. Małgorzata Hanzl, mgr inż. arch. Lia Bezerra 

ABOUT chapter presents the general information about the project
CULTURE DISTRICT chapter describes the first scenario of the conceptual public participation project. Here, you can find scenario goals, strategies, and the events calendar. Each event is explained further and points out: the title, duration, and groups of participants from a specified age range. Moreover, tools for e…